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When working in a commercial kitchen, the exhaust systems pull the heat, smoke, and other vapors out of the kitchen to keep the air in the kitchen as clean and clear as possible. Over time grease and oils will accumulate in the hood and vents. These by products from smoke and other vapors are highly flammable and can easily and quickly ignite, this is why it is extremely important to have your hood vents regularly cleaned to ensure a safe work environment.

When these fires happen, they happen quick and they are extremely difficult to extinguish. This results in major damage to your business’ property. Not only does cleaning your hood vents regularly prevent this from happening, but it is also actually required by law. What you are cooking and how long during the day will determine how frequent your hood vents will need to be cleaned. When you call us we can discuss these variables and determine the best course of action to ensure your restaurant kitchen is always clean and safe.

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